The testing laboratory has a test bench for testing pedestrian doors, windows, garage and industrial doors and facades, as well as apparatus for determining the physico-mechanical parameters of polymer and elastomer compositions and PVC profiles.

Services offered:

  • Availability of moisture in bulk materials;
  • pourability;
  • determination of fictitious thickness of materials;
  • diversions in the geometric sizes via scanning;
  • determination of the strength of stroke with drop weight;
  • change in sizes upon warm storage;
  • splitting force of welded joints of profiles;
  • level of whiteness and brightness via spectrophotometer;
  • artificial aging via xenon chamber;
  • determination of the melt index according to the melt mass and index according to the volume of thermoplastics via electronic rheometer;
  • impact strength, instrumental testing via Charpy hammer;
  • determination of the K-value of polyvinyl chloride;
  • strength according to the ”Shore”-scale D;
  • stability to accelerated aging in a climatic chamber and under the effect of IR and UV light sources;
  • making of polymer mixtures via extrusion;
  • determination of the tensile strength and relative prolongation of ready samples;
  • cutting of samples from thermoplastics and reactoplastics;
  • making of samples from thermoplastics via pressure casting;
  • analysis via IR spectroscopy;
  • fill-up level according to ashy remainder;
  • air permeability;
  • water impermeability;
  • mechanical deformations;
  • winter resistance;
  • passage of heat;
  • sound deadening;
  • site surveys with thermographic IR camera.

Most of the apparatuses has been purchased under European projects. The Laboratory is equipped with a laboratory mixer and an extruder under a project of the EU PHARE Programme.

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