LI_150_17025 LI_150_17025

Dear Customers,

The testing project of Solar Project Ltd. is pleased to inform you that:

  • Passed successfully to BDS EN ISI / IEC 17025: 2018;
  • LI offers a new service in accordance with BDS EN 410 – Determination of lighting characteristics in the case of solar radiation. Percentage of visible light transmission.

The Testing Laboratory at “Solar Project” LTD has the pleasure to inform you that as of 01.10.2013 all issued protocols are issued on blank forms protected with a watermark and a dry seal, and have the following appearance.

All other blank forms are attempt for unfair competition or falsification of laboratory results.

All protocols issued until 01.10.2013 are valid and are not subject to reissuance.

Thank You for Your understanding and for the provided information!

The Team of the Testing Laboratory at
“Solar Project” LTD